We are a group of friends who fell in love, a decade ago, in the 3D printing field back to when the developing of the 3D printing just began its first baby steps and since then we’ve watched each and every of its steps closely, ‘till it became what it is today. We, the members of the group, come from deferent and divers fields of interest, but the long lived commune working led us to expertise in the field and a true will to contribute to the field development by sharing and also learning from others in such a dynamic field, which, we believe, is the key for the technology of the future.

This site was founded in purpose to constitute a platform for the peoples who work in the field, for the amateurs and the beginners as one- for changing opinions, mutual help and collaborations. This site is a platform for providing answers to basic questions and to the founding of complex projects. We are a nonprofit site, and we see ourselves obligated for answering every question on the site, and to improve the site all the time for the wealth of its members.

We’d like to promote the 3D printing field, with emphasis on several channels:

image Technology- the future is going to look different from the present, and the changes are going to be even greater then the Industrial revolution.
image Medicine and science- from printing live organs to the prediction of diseases and longing the life exeptency. We are on the verge of a breaking step.
image Vegetarianism/ naturalism- because we can no longer look away on the suffering of animals with what can become the greatest moral revolution in the history.

We truly hope and believe you’ll find this site to be a professional and reliable home to the 3D printing world, and we would love to assist you on every question and about every matter.