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    1. Afinia 3D Printer H-Series

    First on our top 10 list is the Afinia 3D Printer H-Series. This model is most renowned for giving users the “out of the box 3D printing experience”. It is fully assembled with a software that’s easy to install whether you are using a PC or a Mac. The Afinia 3D Printer has been designed to prototype parts or models that are 5” cubed in dimension at most. Outputs are guaranteed to be produced with an accuracy of up to .15mm, also having 30% the total strength of parts molded via injection. Dubbed by Make Magazine as the 3D printer that’s easiest to use, with the easiest setup and best overall experience, the Afinia H-Series is the answer to everyone’s question, “what is the best”, and thus certainly deserves the top spot in our top 10 list.

    2. Cubify CubeX Trio 3D Printer

    Coming second on top 10 3D printers list and most other top lists for that matter is the Cubify CubeX Trio. One of the main edges this 3D printer has over others is that it has the capacity to print objects sizing as big as a basketball. It comes in the maximum build size with head print dimensions of 265mm (l) x 275mm(w) x 240mm (h) and a resolution of 100 microns. It has recyclable plastic cartridges and includes a design software as well as materials to get users started. With advanced settings, it creates inspiring prints of professional quality. What’s more is that the Cubify CubeX has tied with the Afinia H-Series after dubbed by Make Magazine as a printer with the easiest set-up.

    3. Airwolf 3D Printer

    This fully-calibrated desktop 3D printer is one that certainly produces designs as though they have come straight out from injection molding machines! What’s unique about the Airwolf 3D printer is that it providers users the freedom to make use of several materials. Plus, it can be enhanced and even customized. Printing period can be as quick as within an hour to a day at most and without the need for firmware adjustments or additional calibrations. However, users will be required to download open source software for its operation. The only downside to this machine though is its huge build. Other than that, you are in for a good investment with this!

    4. Flash Forge 3D Printer

    Another high quality 3D printer that’s surely worth a spot in top 10 lists is the Flash Forge 3D printer. The Flash Forge printer is a dual extruder that makes for a more affordable way of joining the 3D craze. Priced at $1,200, it is far cheaper as compared to models of its caliber and moreover, is covered by great aftersales service. It prints objects in 2 different colors and can cater to print volumes of over 300 cubic inches. The Flash Forge printer is originally manufactured and distributed in China but can be internationally shipped to Canada, US, Europe and throughout Asia.

    5. Mbot Cube Dual Head 3D Printer

    Although the Mbot Cube is not originally manufactured by MakerBot, it is still very compatible with MakerBot. Considering its big printing size and dual or 2-color printing extrusion, this printer also comes at a rather affordable price of $1,200. Its platform has the maximum build dimension of 200mm overall and it also comes with support LCD control, Support SD card as well as a starter gift package. The Mbot Cube Dual Head is actually the newer version of MakerBot’s Replicator.

    6. UP! Plus 2 3D Desktop Printer

    The UP! Plus 2 is a 3D printer that fabricates objects using PLA or ABS thermoplastic filaments although these are to be bought separately. It’s worthy to be at the top 10 3D printers as this model comes with an open frame, a wind shield that helps prevent injuries as well as cool materials to get a finer finish, and an all-metal bodywork that can heat in case there’s a need for thermal stability. Its management software can read STL files generated by CAD software and may be run either on a Mac or a Windows OS. Moreover, the printer can be used with a calibration device to ensure level-build surface.

    7. Fabbster Kit Model 11-1 3D Printer

    Another printing device deserving a spot in our top10lists net of 3D printers is the Fabbster 11-1. This model comes at a maximum platform size of 230mm x 230mm x 210 mm and has a max printing speed of 400mm per second. It features a Stick Deposition Modeling or SDM for the feed control to have high precision and is made of a multi-colored plastic feed material which can be altered mid-build. Its package comprises everything essential for printing, including the NetFabb Engine software. Users should note that the Fabster 11-1 is a build-it-yourself printer kit and one that may take up to 6 hours of assembly and wiring.

    8. MyRiwell R3dp-001 3D Printer

    Making design and production easily accessible and possible to be done at home is the MyRiwell 3D Printer. Whether it is creating jewelries, toys, decorative objects or phone cases, this model is one that makes for a good investment and it’s no surprise that its included in our top 10 3D printers. It is thousands of dollars much cheaper than industry-grade printing machines though and thus, may fabricate products with accuracy and quality not at the industrial-level. However, it is one of the best product choices for leisure tinkerers and art enthusiasts.

    9. MarkerBot Replicator 2

    Whether it is for industrial design, art design or mechanical mold manufacturing, the MarkerBot Replicator is one that has secured the best reviews. It is not only economical but also processes automatically, without the need for manual operation. It has high degree precision and has the capacity to meet large-sized printing needs at accurate settings. However, its software can only run on Windows NT, XP Professional, 2000 Professional and Vista.

    10. FelixRobotics BV

    Securing the last spot on our top 10lists .net is the FelixRobotics BV printer kit. It has even heat distribution and thus, makes for the reliable printing even of large objects. Not only is it easy to calibrate and assemble, it also operates quietly, has rigid construction and high-tech industrial appeal. This is a printing device that certainly brings a professional appearance to your home and very affordably for that matter.

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