Resin processing company Morisaki Jushi co. Ltd recently launched a new service called MARIAGE POUPÉE (Marriage doll in French) which they create 3D printed bride and groom dolls that look just like them.
Making these wedding doll is actually quite simple. Both bride and groom first select their favourite dress from existing dress design in advance. The company will go to the venue on their wedding day and scan bride and groom face with a portable 3D scanner. This process lasts only a few minutes. The 3D scan will then be processed and company staff will combine 3D model of face with the pre-selected dress design. Once all the data is prepared, the 3D model will be 3D printed with a full color 3D printer that using layers of plaster and ink. In a few days the 3D printed dolls are ready for collection or delivery.
The service is especially popular among Japanese couples who want to preserve a special moment in life. Since customers don't have to visit the store it helps them save time. The 3D printed dolls will arrive with an acrylic case, as well as the stamped wedding venue's logo, wedding date, and the couple's names. The price of Mariage Poupee starts from 52,000 Japanese Yen (around $510).

By: 3ders