Virtual Foundry has launched metal infused 3D printing filaments called FILAMET. Currently seeking for $ 25,000 in funding on
Kickstarter, the team of three introduces bronze, brass and copper filament

With their metal infused ABS and PLA material, Virtual Foundry wants to offer an “affordable method of creating metallic items from a desktop 3d printer“. They claim that up to 85% of the material is pure metal and thus it retains the properties of that substance. This also allows for various finishing techniques for the objects created on the desktop printer.

Clearly Virtual Foundry is not the first company bringing composite materials to FFF 3D printers, but they seem to have big plans: “This Kickstarter project is phase one for us. Being experts in smithing, machining and engineering in the computer world, we are constantly identifying techniques that cross over among these areas of discipline. Currently in development are filaments that are magnetic, electrically conductive.”
Starting with a pledge of $ 60 you can receive half a kilogram of either bronze, copper or brass ABS/PLA filament in 1.75 mm or 3 mm diameter.

Via 3printr