NASA has awarded a grant of about $750,000 to a company in Texas for the purpose of researching a possible way to use the 3D printing revolution for making an edible food to the astronaut in their missions in space. The research is in his very early stages of testing if the metiral used in the 3D printer can meet with the requirement of the nutritional needs and the needed shelf time in deep space missions.

Is this kind of technology possible?
Yes. But there are many obstacles to overcome on the way. And we probably won’t see this happening in the nearest years, but when this kind of technology will be developed it will bring great news not only to the astronauts in space, but also to the world wide population.

Will it be tasty?
Probably not, but it will cut on food waste.
3D printing is just one of the many transformation technologies that NASA is investing in to create the new knowledge and capabilities needed to enable future space missions while benefiting life here on Earth.